Discover Craft Beer

Discover Craft Beer

From our micropub in the heart of Norwich to the comfort of your home, enjoying our curated collection of craft beer is now easier than ever! Hand picked by people who have a passion for a damn good pint, our craft beer cans represent the best of Norfolk and British brewing. While you’re at it, bagsy yourself one of our limited edition merch pieces and bring The Malt and Mardle spirit wherever you go.

Simply place your order and pick up your goodies from The Malt and Mardle at a time that’s convenient to you.

Made In Norfolk

If you didn’t know that Norfolk is home to some of the best breweries and distilleries in the UK, where’ve you been?! In the county, we have a great heritage of brewing beautiful craft beer alongside being a hub for new and exciting breweries. That’s why on our online shop, we are passionate about promoting Norfolk breweries front and centre.

Elliot’s Picks

Co-Owner, Elliot, recommends four of his top rated beers we currently have in. Buy them quick before he drinks them dry!

Catering For All

That gutting feeling when you find a beer that looks delicious but you can’t actually drink it! To avoid this heartbreak, we stock plenty of gluten free and vegan beers to ensure you’ve always got something to enjoy. Plus, if you’re not able to consume lactose, by reading our product descriptions you can identify which beers contain lactose and therefore you should avoid.

We feel strongly that beer is for everyone. Just because you have a lifestyle or dietary requirement doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun!