About Lazy Ale

The Malt and Mardle is our first Lazy Ale pub. The Lazy Ale brand represents everything our business embodies. An unpretensious enthusiasm for great quality beer!

We love simplicity.
No gimmicks. No extravagance.
Bigger isn’t always better

Our Story

Lazy Ale was thought up by three friends who live in Norwich- Elliot, Emily and Johnny. Since meeting at the University of Leeds in 2013, we’ve been spending our afternoons and Saturday mornings brewing beer, and our evenings drinking it!

In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, we decided to bring our friendship even closer by becoming business partners and opening a pub together. This, of course, was not going to be any old pub. It was going to be a micropub. A distinctly unique place where fellow lovers of real ale could gather and enjoy the delights of really good beer

We decided our small Norfolk pub would collide two worlds together. Firstly, the world of the darkly furnished traditional pubs we enjoyed frequenting so much during our time living up North. Added to this was our desire to create a modern, chilled out atmosphere, much like the cafes and bars found throughout the city of our beloved Norwich

Having opened our first micropub, The Malt and Mardle, on the 22nd of July 2021, we have loved bringing our dream to life and sharing it with you!

What Lazy Ale means to us

To us, Lazy Ale is all about our love of good drinks and spending time in spaces that make us feel relaxed and comfortable

Lazy Ale reflects the the best, most simple pleasures in life… sipping a refreshing pint on a lazy afternoon in a pub that makes us feel like we have found refuge from life’s busy stresses