About The Malt and Mardle

The Malt and Mardle is Norwich’s first ever. What’s more, it’s a pub that offers everything a great pub should. Beautiful beer plus other locally sourced drinks in a cosy space that’s friendly and welcoming!

What is a micropub?

As the name suggests, a micropub is essentially a micro-sized pub, but with a couple of other classifications. Firstly, micropubs usually consist of just one room and tend to be ‘wet led’, meaning they mainly serve drinks with some snack options. More specifically, when they were first conceptualised in the early 2000s, serving cask ale was a core focus of micropubs. Traditionally, micropubs shun all forms of electronic entertainment in favour of promoting conversation.

While this definition still holds true, over the past twenty years, micropubs have evolved. For example, The Malt and Mardle serves keg beer alongside cask ale, plus has no rules banning electronic devices. Despite this, the spirit that defined the original micropubs remains the same – it’s all about great beer and human connection!


Wondering why our micropub is called The Malt and Mardle? Firstly, ‘malt’ is an ingredient used to make beer, our star product. Secondly, ‘mardle’ comes from Norfolk dialect, the beautiful county in which we are based. Finally, the meaning of ‘mardle’ is to chat or gossip which is exactly the kind of activity that takes place in our pub. Having a good natter!

Our Offering

At The Malt and Mardle we champion locally made products in addition to drinks and snacks that have been crafted with care. Our selection is curated to suite a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, including vegan and gluten free options.

Cask Ale
Craft Beer Cans

Keg Beer
Real Cider

Sip, Chat, Relax

Join us for a pint of carefully curated craft beer or choose from our selection of other drinks while soaking up the warm and friendly atmosphere. Whether alone or with friends, there’s always a space here for you. Plus, don’t forget to join our online community to see what we’re up to!


At The Malt and Mardle, we love a good knees up! Each season, we run a schedule of events including Quiz Nights, Meet The Brewer, Tap Takeovers and more.


The Malt and Mardle was built up by three friends who live in Norwich- Elliot, Emily and Johnny…

Emily and Elliot have been a couple since 2011, when we both attended High School in Norfolk. We met Jonny while studying at the University of Leeds in 2013 and bonded over our shared interest in pubs and brewing beer.

After graduating, we all moved to Norwich and during the midst of the pandemic in 2020, decided to bring our friendship even closer by becoming business partners and opening a pub together. This, of course, was not going to be any old pub. It was going to be a micropub. A distinctly unique place where fellow lovers of real ale and craft beer could gather and enjoy the delights of a top quality pint!

We decided our small Norfolk pub would collide two worlds together. Firstly, the world of the darkly furnished traditional pubs we enjoyed frequenting so much during our time living up North. Added to this was our desire to create a modern, chilled out atmosphere, much like the independent cafes and bars found throughout the city of our beloved Norwich.

On the 22nd of July 2021 our dream was complete and we finally opened The Malt and Mardle for the very first time. A huge amount of work had gone into building the micropub. We had completed 90% of the work ourselves putting our DIY skills to good use (and learning lots of things along the way!). Some of the projects we took on included sound dampening the pub’s interior, building a custom cabinet which acts as our cellar, constructing our bar and transforming a white box of a space into a cosy and homely environment.

Since the summer of 2021, we have continued to make improvements to The Malt and Mardle and it now truly feels like a home from home. As we did from the very start, our menu of high quality, craft drinks is constantly revolving, with new products added every week. Our community continues to grow with familiar faces returning again and again, in addition to increasingly new customers visiting.


Elliot, Co-Owner


Izzie, Bar Manager


Emily, Co-Owner


Poppy, Bar Tender